Beyond the Basics on Speech

Generating Devices

Teaching individuals with autism to engage in generative verbal behavior is complicated, complicated further if the response topography involves use of a speech generating device (SGD). Use of an SGD introduces new challenges related to stimulus control and interdisciplinary collaboration with other professionals. Additionally, it can be difficult to tell when matching ends and verbal behavior begins when the response form is selection. However, there is good news! Recent research has shown that complex verbal behaviors can be established using SGDs. The emphasis of this presentation is “beyond the basics,” as we will focus on procedures with an aim to produce novel, generative responses (the goal of all verbal behavior programming). This presentation will focus on establishing emergent noun-verb tacts, intraverbal-tacts, and autoclitic frames all with individuals with autism responding on SGDs. The presentation will also discuss how to plan for multiple control over responses and assess faulty stimulus control developed over selection responses.

Learning Objectives

Describe findings from 3 recent studies on translating procedures for vocal communicators to Speech Generating Device (SGD) users

Describe 2 procedures for producing emergent SGD responses

Describe how multiple control may influence responding on an SGD.

About Your Instructor

Sarah Frampton

Dr. Sarah Frampton completed her master’s degree at California State University and doctorate degree at Simmons University. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Sarah’s area of research interest include verbal behavior, stimulus equivalence, and problem solving. Sarah’s work has been published in all the major behavior analytic journals and serves on the editorial boards of The Analysis of Verbal Behavior and Behavior Analysis in Practice. Sarah has extensive clinical experience having worked at the Marcus Autism Center’s Language and Learning Clinic and serving as the Director of Clinical Services and Training at the May Institute.