All About CEUnicorn


Becoming a Partner

Your Full Legal Name 

  • - We need this to pay you 💵

Your Full Name For Presentations

  • - Not looking for flashy nicknames here. We are referring to someone that is professionally or most commonly known by their middle name.  We need that name to list as the author.

Your Bio

  • - It is up to you how long or short you want to make your bio. Remember, potential purchasers will see this on the page that lists your course. Give them some information about why they should purchase a course you created.

Your CV

  • - This is only needed if CEUnicorn will be working as the ACE provider. The BACB requires us to demonstrate the presenter's expertise in the area.

Legal Paperwork

  • - This is all around getting you paid and IRS implications

For Each Course

Course Name

Course Abstract

  • - A 100-200 word description of the course

Course Learning Objectives

  • - A brief description of what learners can expect to learn during the course. This is typically 3 objectives for a 1 hour course and 6 objectives for a 2 hour course.

Course Outline

  • - This is simply a listing of each video, the order they go in, and any sections you would like to break them down into.

Course Videos

  • - Make sure names match the names in the course outline. Put a number in front of each video to indicate the order in which they should be viewed by the purchaser.

Supplementary Materials (Optional)

  • - Examples of this include: Notes that you want to have shown for purchasers, references, PDFs, or PowerPoint slides that you would like purchasers to download. The file must be named and numbered the same as the video they apply to.

Quiz (optional)

Signed Disclaimer

  • - This indicates and confirms that you are the sole owner of the content you are uploading

Fees, Revenue Split, & Payout Frequency

Monthly Fees

  • - $0: There are no monthly fees associated with selling courses on CE🦄

Setup Fees

  • - $0: There are no setup fees associated with selling courses on CE🦄

Payout Frequency

  • - Payouts for selling courses are quarterly. At the conclusion of the quarter you will be paid out for all your sales that quarter based on the revenue split. Why quarterly? We are a very small startup with limited resources, one way that we get as much of the revenue into your pocket as possible is by keeping administrative tasks light.

Revenue Split

  • First Course Special:
    • - 90% to you and 10% to CE🦄

  • Subsequent courses:
    • - 70% to you and 30% to CE🦄

Why does CEUnicorn take a fraction of the revenue?

  • - There is a lot of behind the scenes work and a number of expenses related to maintaining the site. We do not charge setup fees or monthly fees to sell course on our platform. To cover the costs, we have chosen to use a model where we only get paid when you get paid. The breakdown below shows what is taken care of by CEUnicorn and what you are required to do.



  • - Setup, maintaining, and paying for site
  • - Working as an ACE provider (If you are not already an ACE provider)
  • - Advertising platform
  • - Processing payments
  • - Paying credit card processing fees
  • - Providing technical support to your customers
  • - Creating course & instructor pages
  • - Hosting content to site
  • - Creating CEU certifications
  • - Distributing CEU certifications


  • - Expenses are $0
  • - Creating courses
  • - Uploading to your CEUnicorn folder that's generated for you
  • - Get paid!

Tips and Best Practices

Keep Videos Short

  • - It is better to have 15 videos that are all 4 minutes long than one long 60 minute video. Why? If you mess something up 48 minutes in a video, that’s a pain to fix. Shorter videos mean it is easy to just start that section over and re-record. People also lead hectic and busy lives, they may only have 5 minutes here and there to watch a video. Smaller videos make it much easier for someone to go back and watch a part they were interested in later, rather than scrubbing through an hour long video to find the 3 minute section they were interested in. Additonally, there are some file size limits when uploading.

Accepted Video Formats

  • - .MP4, .MOV, & .AVI

File Size Restrictions

  • - Each individual video must be under 2 GB. This is still pretty large, we've had no issues with videos as long as 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the content published on CEUnicorn?

  • - You do. CEUnicorn does not attempt to claim any ownership of the content you create. It is yours, not ours. You can take it down at anytime. You can post it other places as well. We do not require any exclusivity on content.

Who is eligible to become a partner?

  • - Any BCBA in good standing

What if I am not an approved ACE provider?

  • - No worries, we can help with that. We can work together to make CEUnicorn the ACE provider and meet all requirements.